Monday, September 17, 2012

Lao American artist Sayon Syprasoeuth updated his website

Lao American visual artist Sayon Syprasoeuth just recently updated his website with a new design showcasing his work. It's a significant change that also introduces several of his more recent pieces he's been working on. Be sure to check it out at:

Based in Southern California, Syprasoeuth is one of my favorite visual artists in the region to watch because of his regular forays into 3-dimensional art. It's refreshing to see.

He and his family were survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. They escaped one night to Thailand and lived in many refugee camps before resettling in the United States. In his biographical statement he says his artwork "is influenced by stories and folklores told by village elders, and stage theatre--making art was his way of escaping the harsh reality of his surroundings."

He attended Long Beach State and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2003. He went to Claremon Graduate University for his Master in Fine Arts and graduated in 2007. Sayon Syprasoueth's work has been displayed across the United States and internationally. Exhibitions have included China, Korea, Germany, and Cambodia.

My personal favorites of his include "Birth of the Dragon Lady," "Seducing the God" and "Fighting Nane." His works blend the vibrant with the ethereal, often appearing nearly translucent and weightless, but as one considers the best of his pieces, the strokes and lines that give his pieces definition have a significant power to them. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

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