Saturday, April 27, 2013

Asian American Press highlights Laos, Legacies of War: Voices from Laos tour

Minnesota's Asian American Press recently highlighted the Legacies of War: Voices from Laos tour. The article touches briefly on the main speakers, Manixia Thor and Thoummy Silamphan, and the connection between the Lao community of Minnesota, unexploded ordnance, and current policy trying to remove the remaining 98% of the 80 million cluster bombs and similar devices left behind from the conflict.

The last event of this tour will be on Monday, April 30th in Washington D.C. at the Mott House. Many members of congress will be in attendance as the organizers also recognize the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. A big congratulations to Legacies of War, and a thanks to everyone who attended and helped to spread the word.

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