Tuesday, April 09, 2013

[Poem] Legacies and Opportunities

Legacies and Opportunities 

Sometimes a beginning awakens ideas, discoveries exciting, energizing.
Aspire. Change the inaction of nations.
Bombs others made before impede enlightened societies.
Assisting? Spread knowledge, involve new givers,
Include noteworthy voices of Lao viewpoints. Encourage.
Dream, rebuild, end abandoned munitions.
Enduring legacies embrace vibrant action, transforming everyone.
Explore possibilities infinite, tomorrows of merit exceptional.
Love aiding others today in appreciating "Now."
A meaningful experience remembers ideals, creating and speaking.
Overcome problems. Prevail. Open roads to unify nations. Inspire tomorrow's youth.

 The last poem I wrote in 2555, presented for the first time at Stanford University in California on April 9th during the Legacies of War: Voices From Laos Speakers Tour. A big khop jai lai to everyone who came, and I was honored to be invited. Here's to the future.

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