Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Poem] Laonomicon


That is not its real name. Merely a placeholder.
Rare, unearthed manuscript of revelations
About borders, of untold truths,

Voices emerge nebulous, obviously mystifying,
Each note contests, haunts, a nudge to eternal darkness.
Not always known, tales of faceless elders, ancients rise.

Given “enough” now, I envy silence.
Entries malicious, esoteric, reveal glimmers elusive.
Mentioned obscurely: Trusting human, entities rarely seen,

Accursed with a knowingly evasive nature,
Proscribed like Abd Al’Azred‘s Al Azif, or the Ktulu Jataka,
Abhorred as the dread Dao Yaomo Jing Lao-Tzu disavows.

Riddles encompass voices exalting alien languages,
Elusive verse encrypted rebuffs you.

Now, academic minds enter libraries, enchant, seek secrets,
The respectable unusual, transforming hearts.

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