Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Songs of the Shattered World: The Broken Hymns of Hastur

Songs of the Shattered World: The Broken Hymns of Hastur is a collection of Decadent poetry by figures like Eric Basso, Kristin Prevallet, John Yau, Leigh Blackmore and others.

According to the lead writer, John T. Allen:
"This book is an attempt by myself and the contributors in our "Yellow" group to take the "Yellow King" out of the "Mythos" box and restore Robert W. Chambers' to his roots; the literary "movement" referred to as "Decadent". The author, Robert W. Chambers, knew titanic figures like Oscar Wilde, the deranged Maurice Rollinat, and many others in his own time. This made a huge impact on him, thus "the King In Yellow", a diseased spirit of madness and self destruction. To our mind this has less to do with weird fiction than a coupling of poetic alchemy to raise this spirit of pestilence and let it dim the bulbs of our collective consciousness."

Behind the scenes, I would say this book has undergone a most peculiar set of misfortunes, setbacks, madness, and hazards of industry that would make me wonder if some true curse has not been visited upon the text. This is one book where I would remark: Engage with it only if you dare.

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