Thursday, October 13, 2016

Eye to the Telescope 22: Ghosts now live! (In a manner of speaking)

Eye to the Telescope’s 22nd issue, Ghosts, is now online at! This issue was guest edited by the award-winning writer Shannon Connor Winward (Undoing Winter, To the Touch). This time around, she presents 27 distinctive poets from around the world, including SFPA Grandmaster Jane Yolen, Rhysling award-winners, and newer voices in the speculative poetry community.

In her introduction to this issue, she notes, “...the poems in this “Ghosts” issue posit unusual, unexpected visions of afterlife. Some are more far-out than others, but all seek to explore the unmeasured places—the impossible phone call, the uncanny weather, the haunted oceans of earth and not-earth, the shadows between pages, steps, spoonfuls. I hope you brought a spectacular appetite—and a flashlight.”

Eye to the Telescope is the quarterly online journal publishing science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative poetry under the auspices of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Recent themes have included Family, Mythopoesis, Music and more. In January, guest editor Brian Garrison will present an assortment of exceptional poems centered on Robots.

Shannon Connor Winward’s writing appears widely including Pseudopod, Analog, Gargoyle, Pedestal Magazine, Star*Line, Strange Horizons and Literary Mama, among others. Her poetry chapbook Undoing Winter (Finishing Line Press, 2014) was recognized with an SFPA Elgin Award for Chapbook of the Year. She is a sometime-editor for the SFPA’s Halloween Poetry Reading page, and a staff writer for Pop Culture Madness, and poetry editor for Devilfish Review. You can visit her website at to learn more about her.

The featured poems she selected for this issue are:
Tulpa • L.W. Salinas
Hart Island • Holly Walrath
Mysticeti • Akua Lezli Hope
Upstairs Watches, Downstairs Waits • Robin Husen
A Night at Gran’ma Ginny’s • Dawn Cunningham
Be My Geist: A Villanelle • Suzan Pickford
Admittance • Cathleen Allyn Conway
Not a Destination • F.J. Bergmann
Fevered Ream • Daniel R. Jones
Hex Machina • Joe Nazare
Ma’s Late Knight Jam Session • Oliver Smith
Ghost Month • Christina Sng
Summer Hauntings • Andrea Blythe
No Longer Mine • Aisha Tayo Ijadunola
The Doppelgänger and the Ghost • Lev Mirov
Romance • Jessica J. Horowitz
Little Lost Cosmonaut • Charles Christian
“in the starship junkyard” • Lauren McBride
New World Haunting • Ann K. Schwader
Possession • Deborah L. Davitt
Three Worlds • Wendy Rathbone
Bright Matter • John W. Sexton
a stranger in the cemetery whispered to me • Rebecca Buchanan
Embracing the Bear • Jane Yolen
undying • John C. Mannone
Séance at Black Horse Pike • James Edward O’Brien
But after • Alex Harper

For those of you who are curious, you can see find the contributor bios here, along with all of the previous poets who’ve submitted to Eye to the Telescope in the past. Anyone who’s looking to expand their reading list of poets would do well to consider some of the voices featured here. I thank everyone who contributed such imaginative pieces to this issue, and I hope you find inspiration in these verses. Here’s to Ghosts, then, and all that they inspire now and in the future!

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