Thursday, January 21, 2010

30 Scholarships for SE Asian Students in DC Area

The Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund is looking to award 30 scholarships to students of Southeast Asian heritage. The minimum criteria are:

1. Living in the Washington, DC area (DC,VA,MD)
2. Graduating in 2010 and planning on higher education
3. Lao, Vietnamese, or Cambodian heritage

Applications are being accepted and the deadline is March 5, 2010. In the past, Laotian Americans have been very under-represented. If you or anyone you know meet the above criteria, please ask them to fill out the application at


Phouthone said...

Thanks for the information. I'm glad to know that there are some scholarships for SE Asian students out there. Even though my daughter doesn't qualify for it, I will definitely spread the words to those who can benefit.

Leilani Chan & Ova Saopeng said...

Apply. Apply. Apply. And spread the word. We need more SE Asian representation!

Bryan Thao Worra said...

The other big thing to remember is that this scholarship changes cities from year to year. It will NOT be available in this area in the future, unless there is a policy shift. This seems quite unlikely.

May said...

Great opportunity for the SE Asian students!