Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shades of Yellow New Year: Saturday, January 23

The fabulous SOY New Year comes this weekend, Sat. Jan 23, 2010 at the Prom Center, 484 Inwood Ave in Oakdale, MN.

It's 4-8PM with an After Party scheduled from 8-10PM. Advanced tickets are $7. Tickets at the door are $10. This is the 6th annual Hmong GLBTQ new year. You can contact contact Kevin Xiong ( or Ming Lee ( for more information.

Shades of Yellow (SOY) is the first Hmong GLBTQ organization, supporting Hmong GLBTQ and their families in the Twin Cities. Their mission is to provide support, education, cultural awareness, social gatherings, and advocacy to Hmong GLBTQ, SOY members, families, allies and the Hmong community in the Twin Cities.

They've been a very positive and active network in the Twin Cities and across the US and I'm looking forward to seeing their future efforts in 2010 and beyond as they expand their advocacy capacity and bring communities together to create a positive and progressive environment.

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