Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Philanthopy] Highlight: Asian Women Giving Circle, New York

The Asian Women Giving Circle is a New York-based group pooling their money to fund other Asian women in New York City, particularly those who use art to further a social equity goal. Over four years, the Asian Women Giving Circle raised and distributed $270,000 in New York City to thirty individual artists and community organizations.

That's a really great accomplishment and it's wonderful to see others establish similar giving circles in their communities where it can make a difference.

In Minnesota, the Hmong Women's Giving Circle is one of the earliest examples in the Southeast Asian American community. Asian Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy established a National Donor Circle that greatly enhanced the giving power of many giving circles across the US.

Asian American Giving provides a great list of giving circles already established across the US. Check it out, get involved.

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