Thursday, January 21, 2010

Claire Light releases Slightly Behind and to the Left

A quick congratulations to Bay Area writer Claire Light who has just released her chapbook of short stories and flash fiction, Slightly Behind and to the Left, thanks to the publishers at Aqueduct Press.

Claire writes fiction, blogs, criticizes (usually in the constructive way) and is a cultural worker. One of the visions who co-founded Hyphen magazine, she has also been a contributing editor at Other magazine, and has contributed criticism to the KQED arts website.

Claire also brings her inimitable style to the non-profit sector in administration. Which means she bosses folks around for good causes. Her big focus has been the arts and in the Asian American community. Her MFA in fiction came from San Francisco State University, and some of her fiction is published in McSweeney's, Farthing, and a forthcoming issue of The Encyclopedia Project. She blogs at her personal blogs "SeeLight" and "atlas(t)," and at Hyphen magazine's blog.

In her chapbook, a woman with the most thankless job in space will calculate a new kind of  "cold equation" to get her home to port. In a fantastical place where adulthood is the biggest threat to adolescent boys, predators arise from unlikely quarters, and in a world with wonky physics and no gravity, a lone human learns the meaning of  "reckless endangerment of alien life."  This ought to get interesting.  Check it out.


May said...

Sounds like a cool collection of work. I'll check it out.

Indigo Willing said...

Thank you for posting all these literary announcements and community related links. When I want to know about SEA, MN and Laos things, just to name a few, I come to your blog. Hope to collaborate with you one day and see you tour Australia. There's a real audience here for your work.