Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tanon Sai Jai E-Book: Current reflections

Tanon Sai Jai E-Book Edition

In June of last year, I released Tanon Sai Jai as a book available in both a free e-book format and in a hard copy edition as an experiment to see if this approach was viable for Laotian American poets. I'm still studying this approach, but my feeling is yes, it can work and it's important to do it this way.

There are unique opportunities that work for both the reader and the poet that strengthen our ability to create a robust and dynamic literary environment for our community. I can't wait to try additional approaches later this year. As my readers, I think you'll really like them.


ketmani said...


I love "Tanon Sai Jai." The one poem that struck me talked about when you finally met up with your biological mother. Like any other mothers in the world, she showed her love by pushing you to eat. But of course her food was a lot spicier than what you are used to eating. Saap lai! I hope you continue to give us more stories t read!

Phouthone said...

One of the best aspects of learning a poem by heart is that you take a poem inside yourself. It becomes part of you. Nang Phom Hom as the legends of the Fall is one of the many fairy tale stories that my children never got tired of it. It became one of their favorite night time stories when they were young. They loved the way I recited the poem by heart from the story to them.