Friday, July 13, 2012

Coming soon to BBC radio!

 I've just been asked for permission to use ‘On a Stairway in Luang Prabang’ on The Written World, a not-for-profit venture with the BBC to broadcast a poem from every one of the 205 competing Olympic nations on BBC radio between March and September in 2012.

 The poems they're presenting will be produced and broadcast by the BBC in English, and when possible the language of origin. In my case, that will be Lao. The esteemed Khanthieng Muongphene, a Lao community leader living in England will be reading my work for this project. Many people helped to work on this translation including Kongkeo Saycocie, who was the lead translator, and Chomsy Kouanchao. A special thanks is also due to Channapha Khamvongsa and the family of Manininh Vongvirath.

Additional exciting news is that the poem text for many of these writers being made available online, as audio downloads, and supported with visual content where required. In addition, the texts and translations of the poems might be reproduced as postcards or posters in order to support the venture.

I'll have more news for everyone soon. Thank you for your outstanding support!

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