Monday, July 16, 2012

[Poem] Minotaur. Spanish translation

A recent Spanish translation of my poem "Minotaur" was generously provided by Caroline Arroyo of Madrid. "Minotaur" first appeared in BARROW, 2009 from Sam's Dot Publishing. With my deepest thanks to her for a fine job in capturing it's literal and inner cores.


No hay nada detrás de la sedosa capa roja del matador.
Si buscas al hombre,
Mira hacia un lado.
                    Carga furiosa, un carbón rabioso
                    Atrapado en el momento
Para espadachines españoles
Envueltos en una escena inevitable

Intercambiando lugares con su asesino.
                        Algo muere dentro de el,
                        Sin saber por qué.


There is nothing behind the red silk cape of the matador.
If you’re looking for the man,
                               Look to the side.
                              Charging furious, a raging coal
Caught in the moment
For Spanish swordsmen
Wrapped up in an inevitable scene

Switching places with his killer,
                                 Something dies within him,
                                 Not knowing why.

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