Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reading at Wisconsin Lutheran College: November 11th!

I'm performing at the Raabe Theater at 3:30 on Nov. 11 at Wisconsin Luteran College in Milwaukee! I look forward to seeing many of my friends and readers there!

I'll be reading from my book On The Other Side Of The Eye and my newer books coming out this year, Winter Ink and Barrow.

As a side note, this is my very first reading in Milwaukee. Many of my early years were spent there as a child in the Shorewood neighborhood, so this is a very interesting moment for me.

I've read and presented my work in other cities in Wisconsin, but Wisconsin Lutheran College is the first college to bring me to Milwaukee. I appreciate them bringing me in to see their students.

In addition, I'm very interested in meeting writers and artists interested in contributing to a number of emerging projects for Bakka Magazine and others while I'm in Milwaukee!

Here is the campus map. I'll be reading in Building 2. Here are the directions to the campus:

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