Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hemet Public Library: The Aeneid

On Saturday, January 14th, I'll be conducting a discussion of the classic, The Aeneid starting at 10 AM at the Hemet Public Library. This is the classical story of Aeneas, who, over 10,000 lines of poetry wanders from Troy to what will one day become Italy and becomes the ancestor of the Romans.

Written by Virgil, Aeneas was a character from The Iliad. This work manages to connect Roman roots to legendary Troy.  The Julio-Claudian dynasty were able to claim legitimacy as descendants of the founders of Rome connected to Troy thanks to the Aeneid. It's a work that amplified many Romans understanding of their national virtues and values. But why might it resonate with us today? We'll consider it more at the discussion on Saturday!

The discussion is free and open to the public at 300 E. Latham Avenue, in Hemet, California.

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