Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two poems to be included in the Rhysling Anthology: Update

I announced previously that two of my poems, "The Robo Sutra" and "5 Flavors", which both appeared previously in Expanded Horizons magazine, were nominated for a 2014 Rhysling Award. I just sent the approval for inclusion in the official Rhysling Anthology due out later this season.

My poems are two of thirty-one long-form poems being considered this year. I anticipate the voting will get quite exciting before it's all done and over.

As some readers know already: Nominees for each year's Rhysling Awards are selected by the membership of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Each member is allowed to nominate one work from the previous year in each of two categories: “Best Long Poem” (50+ lines; for prose poems, 500+ words) and “Best Short Poem” (0–49 lines; for prose poems, 0–499 words).

The Rhysling Awards are put to a final vote by the membership of the SFPA selection from all nominated works, presented in the Rhysling Anthology.

The Rhysling Anthology is available to anyone with an interest in this unique compilation of verse from some of the finest poets working in the field of SF/F/Horror poetry. For more information, you can visit the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

I also encourage you to consider becoming a member!

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