Monday, December 29, 2014

Hmongstory 40 coming in 2015

I recently submitted a number of my older poems for inclusion to the Hmongstory 40 project.

The year 2015 will mark 40 years of the Hmong migration from Laos and Thailand to the United States of America. To commemorate this special anniversary, an exhibition comprising of photographs, stories, fine art, and artifacts will be organized to showcase the Hmong experience.

Hmongstory 40 is a joint effort from many people from throughout the state of California. It represents a collaborative that shares a common vision. This exhibition seeks to provide a rare and intimate opportunity to connect with the Hmong people.

From the past to the present, Hmongstory 40 aims to construct a different narrative that is still absent within the Hmong community and the general public at large. If you get a chance to, be sure to check the exhibit out and the various presentations connected to it next year.

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