Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Poet and Light Artist Needed in Seattle

The City of Seattle is seeking a poet to live part time in the Fremont Bridge’s northwest tower and write poetry. The commission is $10,000. They are also seeking a light artist who can design a piece for the Fremont Bridge who will work for $15,000. There's no heating and no running water in the proposed space, so I'd take "live" as loosely defined, and consider it more of an artist's studio, which is not a bad proposition overall. The deadline for both positions is February 16th, and you must be a resident of Seattle. Assuming the Fremont Troll doesn't eat you, I'd consider this an exceptional opportunity for poets.

Meanwhile, Detroit also still has this interesting program: Granted, before accepting said house, I'd also make sure the water is safe, among other basic amenities. Still, from great adversity often comes great art.

Meanwhile, don't forget the NEA Fellowships in Literature for Poetry are coming up. Good luck, and don't procrastinate!

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