Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tasting Laos in the North Carolina Mountains

Katy Clune did a nice article on the Lao community of North Carolina and the culinary traditions of Laos at the Southern Foodways Alliance. She provides a great overview of dining culture in Laos and how that's carried over to our community in the United States.

As the Lao mark 40 years of our diaspora throughout this year, it's nice to see the diversity of our experiences reflected with greater care and thoughtfulness. Be sure to check out the article, and if you're passing through North Carolina, stop in on the Phapphaybouns at the Asian Fusion Kitchen and the Lao Lanxang Asian Grocery Store.

I'd also check out Katy Clune's other project: Home In A New Place: Making Laos in Morganton, North Carolina at which goes into greater depth documenting the lives of the Phapphayboun family. I'm looking forward to seeing her work in folklore, as well.

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