Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 poems accepted with the Buddhist Poetry Review

The Buddhist Poetry Review will be featuring 3 new poems of mine this September. These will be: "A Koan of 32 Kwan," "Idle Fears," and "The Buddha of Bombies." There will be a little something for everyone in this batch, ranging from a discussion of Lao Buddhism as it intersects with the Mahayana and Zen traditions, popular culture and horror, as well as social policy regarding UXO.

Buddhist Poetry Review is a quarterly online journal dedicated to publishing fresh and insightful Buddhist poetry.Their vision encompasses the full spectrum of Buddhism, and they welcome submissions from authors who write from any perspective. In their view, "Buddhists have used poetic expression from the very outset of their religion to capture and celebrate the teachings of the Buddha. Our mission is to foster this tradition by providing a forum for new poetry written in that timeless spirit."

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