Monday, August 06, 2012

E-book collections of my work online

In addition to Lao Minnesotan Artist Heritage Month, this week we're celebrating 5 years of On The Other Side Of The Eye. For those of you who are just becoming familiar with my work, there are a number of collections of my poetic work that can be found for free online. 

For convenience sake, I recently posted some up at although those versions are not the most authoritative versions available due to the site's inability to handle special formatting that's typical of much of my work lately.

This is my most recent short collection of poems connected to the Lao experience around the world, along with a bibliography and some biographical information.

Tanon Sai Jai: is a full-length, 2009 collection of poems including a photopoetic essay on Laomerica. It is also available in a signed printed edition.

On The Other Side Of The Eye: was my first full-length collection in 2007, with a foreword by Barbara Jane Reyes. As I mentioned, it is now celebrating its 5th year. This is a book of speculative poetry from a Laotian American experience, drawing on both the history of Laos and the themes and techniques of science fiction, horror and fantasy. Currently out of print, this e-book version was a pre-publication version stored at for scholarly purposes. There are a few differences between this version and the print edition.

Touching Detonations: was the first e-book to emerge from my first trip to Laos in 30 years in 2003. It also collects many of my initial poems written in response to the continuing challenge of UXO still leftover in Laos after nearly 40 years.

They should be compatible with any e-reader that can read pdfs.

Later, in 2012, I hope to upload my short collection Japonisme, Laoisme, connected to the influence of Japanese culture and particularly zen buddhism, iaido and ukiyo-e art on my writing and what lessons the Lao might learn as we begin sharing our work more widely with the world on our own terms.

The Soryu Ham: Document Box collection and Monstro are also planned for later release in 2012. Monstro will most likely include the rare The Kaiju and I in a new edition, along with a revised edition of my first chapbook from my college years in the 1990s, The Leaves.

A big thanks goes to the Minnesota State Arts Board and their Artist Initiative Grant, for their support in making the availability of these collections possible.

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