Friday, August 17, 2012

Lao Cryptid: Sinopoda Scurion

Some time back I wrote a short science fiction story about scientists discovering a giant salamander in Laos. And they did in real life. Before I got the story published. So that always made me a little sad.

In the meantime, a new pack of scientists have discovered an eyeless Huntsman spider in the remote caves of Laos. Or what I'd like to call Lovecraftian Southeast Asian nightmare fuel. At some point in their history so little light entered their domain that their tiny eyes just fell off and ow they simply scuttle about happy as eyeless Huntsman spiders can be in the lightless caverns of Laos. Apparently this new spider was named after a corporation who was a major benefactor of the scientific team. It was found near the Xe Bang Fai cave.

No discoveries of Nak or spawn of Cthulhu reported at this time, however.

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