Friday, August 03, 2012

[Poem] Bangkok Arrival at Toe Good

I'm the poet of the week over at Toe Good, which previously published my poem "Metropolis." This time, I'm presenting "Bangkok Arrival" drawn from my first trip to Southeast Asia in 30 years back in 2003. There's a bit of myth, pop culture and aquatic cryptozoology in "Bangkok Arrival," along with a live reading of it.

Toe Good Poetry’s main goal is to publish poets who have shown dedication to their craft.They also seek to "spotlight poets who hope to publish (or have just published) their first collection of poetry." They're strong supporters of the unknown and small-press poets, so if you get a chance, send some work in to them.

Look at their archives as well. There are some nice gems they've presented so far, including the work of speculative poets like Kristine Ong Muslim.

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