Friday, December 21, 2012

DEMONSTRA Kickstarter cover preview!

Vongduane Manivong recently finished the preliminary design for the exclusive Kickstarter edition of the cover for DEMONSTRA. This will be different from the art used for the Innsmouth Free Press edition. There will be a few last-minute tweaks and adjustments, but this is very close to what the final will look like.

Backers who get a postcard will be getting a copy of this image (in its final form). In addition, those who get a poster will be getting an 18" x 24" version because we met our $2,000 stretch goal. The Kickstarter is still going on until January 1st at:

All of our backers get an e-preview of some of the poems included in DEMONSTRA. You can currently go see it at slideshare at:

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