Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 Writing Year In Review

The extraordinary Catherrine Lundoff recently posted her 2012 Writing Year in Review and an admirably productive year it was for her.  Be sure to check out her many amazing new works, including a well-reviewed novel, which, incidentally gets mentioned obliquely in my poem "The Dream Highway of Ms. Mannivongsa." That poem is appearing in my forthcoming book DEMONSTRA along with a poem regarding Catherine and Peg Powler powling about in those pages.)

As I have only a handful of hours left in the day and many, many, many errands to run, including a turducken in the oven, I'm obliged to say that in regards to my own year in writing, it was big. Really big. And fun. Thanks to all of you. :) As I hit the Big 40, I got most of the items marked off of my bucket list, and set in motion many exciting things for the Year of the Snake coming up ahead. I had a few surprises, a few challenges, but more than enough triumphs to make up for it.

From the Olympics to new books and publications in many, many journals, being a guest at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and inventing a new holiday, Lao Minnesotan Artists Heritage Month (precursor to the first National Lao American Artists Heritage Month next year), I think we can call that a year's work.

So, cheers, well wishes, and as I mentioned elsewhere, my advice going into the next year is: Apple carts are made to be emptied. "How" is where the art comes in.

Make it exceptional!


Catherine L. said...

I would call that a full year! Congrats and many thanks for the shoutout. Happy new Year!

Walk-Minh Nguyen said...

Thankful for your work and its results. Cheers to more turduckens! (Don't forget the thum muk hoong/tam mak hoong)