Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Disappointment in Priorities

It's a little small-minded of me, but I'm going to say: Watching the chatter among other Asian Pacific American blogs, I'm deeply disappointed that the biggest thing we can harp on is Rosie, while other issues such as the excessive police violence against Chon Buri Xiong barely make a blip.

And no one is talking at length about the issue of 'material support' provisions in the PATRIOT Act and the REAL ID Act.

US policies that will particularly affect Burmese, Hmong, Montagards and other refugee populations from Asia and around the world in very real and concrete ways.

I WILL say that as long as we all get in an uproar over c-list celebrities making an ass of themselves but turn a blind eye to real policies and issues that affect our community, we forfeit our right to be surprised at the lack of genuine progress in Asian Pacific America.

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