Sunday, December 24, 2006

Updates Of Note

For the readers of my horror work, the new issue of Dark Wisdom has arrived and I can officially say it's rocking as they switch over to the all new full-color format.

You'll really want to check this issue out because it features my non-fiction article on the mysterious spirit city of Xieng Khuan in Laos. Some of you may remember the locale from my presentation at Diversicon in August during the Cryptogeography session. And I will say as a writer, I've had a very good experience dealing with the folks at Elder Signs Press, and I hope more people discover them in the coming years ahead.

I've been busy this weekend uploading footage from the recent Camden Coffee Company readings organized by David Zander. We've got the footage of Dr. Gary Yia Lee available now, as well as some additional poems by Pacyinz Lyfoung and a short non-fiction essay by Kaying Thao at

Over the next few days I hope to have the remaining footage from the Outsiders Within release party up. We recently added Kim Park Nelson's "Shopping For Children In the International Marketplace" and will soon be adding more.

And that's about it for now. Ho ho ho!

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