Sunday, December 17, 2006


A few weeks back, Lee Herrick posited that he might never watch TV again, thanks to youtube, and I have to agree- the proliferation of videos on demand allows me to bid adieu to the functionally useless MTV and MTV2.

I mean, really- there WAS a time when it was all music videos, the whole music video, all the time, with only an occasional VJ there to put it into context.

Well, if you've got a fast connection, some new poems of mine have gone up on youtube as part of an effort to put more genuine literary content on the internet besides some of the crappier stuff that's already out there. Particularly among the presently poorly under-represented Asian American poetry scene (as of 12/06 currently hovering at a little over 30 entries or so. )

I'm happy with most of the results- some glitches here and there on the sound, but that couldn't be helped due to some emergency surgery I had to do on the videotape at one point. I'm glad most of it is intact as it is...

But anyway, search for Bryan Thao Worra or "Laotian American Poetry", and you'll have an opportunity to see what's some of my poetry sounds like, as read by the author.

Here's Surprises In America, that first appeared in the journal London Ghetto Poets a few years back.

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