Thursday, December 19, 2013

John Sexton's Offspring of the Moon

Over at Amazing Stories, Diane Severson Mori has a great review of John Sexton's new book, Offspring of the Moon, from Salmon Poetry ( It was easily my favorite book of speculative poetry this year, and I'm glad to see Diane had such a high opinion of it as well. She also provides some great recordings of six poems that give you a wonderful sense of how readable he is, and the fascinating territory he covers with his verse. I've always enjoyed talking with him, because he has a great sense of poetry, where it can go, and where we can be better.

The ideas in his work are vibrant and imaginative and all of his books have my strongest recommendation if you can find a copy. But I'll go into more detail about what I enjoy about his work later next year.

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Diane Severson said...

I'm glad you liked the review. I agree, Sexton's poetry covers so much territory. And I've only read just this one collection. Looking forward to more!