Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eye to the Telescope: Robots! now online

The 23rd issue of Eye to the Telescope is now online, guest edited by Brian Garrison on the theme of Robots! This time we have twenty poets weighing in on this technological topic bringing in a mix good mix of wonder, amazement, melancholy, terror, and humor. I think you'll really enjoy it. We have work from a distinguished SFPA Grand Master, Rhysling and Elgin Award-winners, and other distinguished and emerging voices in our community.

It's never a small task to guest edit an issue, and this was no exception as Brian received submissions from around the world. I'm always deeply appreciative of his willingness to take time out to help the SFPA to make sure things happen. As we’ve mentioned before, he resides in Portland, OR, where he writes poetry, runs errands for the silly poetry journal, Parody, and sometimes does other stuff too. Be sure to check his work out whenever you get the chance.

Eye to the Telescope is a quarterly online journal established in 2011 under the auspices of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Its editors are selected by the current SFPA president and change with each issue.

Alan Ira Gordon will be editing our next issue, due out in April, centered on the theme of Alternate Stories. This will include alternate realities, alternate histories, alternate futures and pocket universes, so I expect we will see some very interesting entries and styles applied to address this theme. The deadline for this issue will be March 15th, so please be sure to mark your calendars.

Here's the index for our latest issue, as well as the websites for our featured poets this time for those who have one. My thanks to all of our contributors, and I look forward to reading more from everyone in the future! Or the alternate timeline, as the case may be in April.

"The Android Who Gave Herself Away" • Rohinton Daruwala

“robot fish” • Denny E. Marshall

Separation Anxiety • Shannon Connor Winward

“Hitchhiking robot” • G.O. Clark

“left for scrap” • LeRoy Gorman

"Final Jeopardy" • Alan Ira Gordon

"Preschool 2050" • Mary Soon Lee

"ones, zeroes" • John Reinhart

"The Medicine Show" • David Lee Summers

"Blur" • Jane Yolen

"Tenderlings" • Diane Jackman

"Robot Dreams" • Lisa Timpf

"Musings: Parabolic Poems (x2+1)" • Devon Balwit

"Return on Investment" • Ken Poyner

"What Goes Wrong with Cyborg Poetry" • F.J. Bergmann

"The Flesh is Weak" • Beth Cato

"Emet" • Deborah L. Davitt

"Just Rosie" • Kathleen A. Lawrence

"The Last Cantina of Love" • Sara Saab

"Eighteen Minutes" • Erica Gerald Mason

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