Friday, January 27, 2017

The Daily O: How Delhi compares with other capital cities through eyes of the world's finest poets

Over in India, the poet-diplomat Abhay K. discusses some of the poets featured in his new anthology, Capitals from Bloomsbury Books that came out this month. Writing for the Daily O, he discusses the wide variety of voices and themes each poet has taken on in order to examine the various capital cities they are speaking of in verse. I get a nice mention in there, as well.

As I look through the collection, it's been intriguing to see the different styles and approaches each poet took, and I look forward to many more readers discovering this anthology in the years ahead.

The anthology might make an excellent gift for someone about to travel the world, or for one who has already done so. It might be read by diplomats, or young children who need a chance to dream and imagine these cities beyond the dry details of the encyclopedia or textbook. Here, the cities often come alive through the voices of those most intimately acquainted with them. At turns ambitious, sumptuous and daring, there is much to consider and reconsider regarding what we know, what we feel, and what we suspect about each of these cities.

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