Friday, March 21, 2014

"We are victims of fat tigers and foreign policy": Poetry in the Southeast Asia Globe

I was profiled this week at Southeast Asia Globe in the article “We are victims of fat tigers and foreign policy,” which was "the sixth part of a Southeast Asia Globe series that shines a light on the region’s finest poetry." A big thanks to Nathan A. Thompson for covering my work and that of Soul Choj Vang. 

Soul is a Hmong poet whose work I deeply admire and respect next to that of Burlee Vang, Pacyinz Lyfoung and Andre Yang, who each bring their own distinctive touches to Hmong arts and letters. You can find both Soul's work and my poem "The Last War Poem" in the 2002 book Bamboo Among the Oaks from the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

As we approach the 40th year of the Lao Diaspora next year, revisiting these pieces seems particularly timely.

Also, the great art for this series was done by Portland artist Natalie Phillips. You can check out more of her work at:

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