Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Chinapocalypse. Or maybe not.

Foreign Policy recently posted up the article "The End of Days Is Coming — Just Not to China," with the subheading "Why apocalyptic fiction and film haven’t caught on in the Middle Kingdom."

This ties in closely to some conversations we've been having over here at On The Other Side of the Eye regarding the apocalyptic tradition in Lao literature, and I would consider this an excellent backgrounder to get a sense of what's been happening.

"The Chinese don’t need zombies to destroy their country. Their history’s ghosts are devastating enough," the author suggests at one point.In Chinese fiction, “destroying the world is fine, but destroying China is not," according to Liu Cixin.

There's a LOT to respond to in this article. Hopefully this will give our Lao American authors something to consider as we continue to explore the genre.

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