Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poet Kenji C. Liu on Code Switchers, Multiliguals, Vampires at Entropy

Poet Kenji C. Liu recently shared some initial notes towards a decolonized imagination of poetry over at Entropy Magazine, framing the issue of American poetics through the metaphor of zombies and vampires, and wherein multilingual verse comes in, particularly examining Japanese American poetry.

Kenji C. Liu is the author of the recent book Map of an Onion, national winner of the 2015 Hillary Gravendyk Poetry Prize. His poetry is in American Poetry Review, Action Yes!, Split This Rock’s poem of the week series, several anthologies, and a chapbook, You Left Without Your Shoes. He has received fellowships from Kundiman, VONA/Voices, Djerassi, and the Community of Writers.

Entropy is a "website featuring literary and related non-literary content. A website that loves and builds off models such as HTMLGIANT, Kotaku, The Lit Pub, Gawker, and The Rumpus. A website that seeks to engage with the literary community, that becomes its own community, and creates a space for literary and non-literary ideas. A website that seeks to cover topics such as video games, graphic novels, interactive literature, science fiction, fantasy, music, film, art, and other topics in addition to literary reviews, interviews, conversations, and articles on experimental literature, translation, small press practices, and performance."

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