Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Zappcon 2016: October 15-16th

Lao American artist Nor Sanavongsay and I really enjoyed Zappcon last year, and it's returning for a third year in October. Once again, it will be held at the Fresno Convention Center.

Nor and I will see if we can have a table there, in addition to doing a panel for the audience. Last year we addressed the question of Southeast Asian superheroes and the classic myths and legends, as well as Lovecraftian Laos and the supernatural.

Nor had a great time drawing free sketches for people who visited our table. We had requests ranging from a Khmer version of Wonder Woman to popular characters like Nick Fury, Deadpool, and Attack On Titan heroines, and even Zappcon's own heroine, Zapp! It was wonderful to discuss the Lao folk hero of Xieng Mieng with visitors, and to see what the other artists were up to on their own projects.

We found it to be a friendly and fun convention with plenty to do as gamers, art collectors, cosplayers, comic book fans and so on. I really hope this becomes part of a very long tradition in the years ahead.

 Join them if you can!

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