Monday, August 22, 2016

My Elgin Award arrived!

My Elgin Award for Book of the Year recently arrived from the Science Fiction Poetry Association following a brief detour through a wormhole and Wisconsin apparently. It bears mentioning that my niece wasted no time commandeering it for her upcoming intergalactic monster tea party.

I received the Elgin Award for my 2013 book of Lao American Lovecraftian poetry, DEMONSTRA, from Innsmouth Press, a micro-publisher of dark fiction and horror, particularly work inspired by the writers of the Lovecraft circle and modern writers of Weird fiction. My book also featured the work of Lao American artist Vongduane Manivong.

This award is given by the Science Fiction Poetry Association to recognize the best full-length book and chapbook of speculative poetry published in the previous year. The Elgin Award is named after the founder of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Suzette Haden Elgin. Incidentally, voting for this year's awards concludes September 15th, with many strong candidates for consideration this year. If you're an active member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, please remember to vote.

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