Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Uncanny Magazine wins Hugo!

Over the weekend we received the great news that Uncanny Magazine won a 2016 Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine. Hao Jingfang’s “Folding Beijing” (translated by Ken Liu) won a Hugo in the Best Novelette category. This is exciting news for everyone involved! 

Uncanny Magazine has been a very supportive magazine for my poetry, so I deeply appreciate all of the hard work and space they've made for voices like mine and so many others. They recently concluded their successful kickstarter for 2017, and their submission period is currently open.

I would also point everyone to the other candidates in the semiprozine category this year, because they're all doing work to grow and diversify the markets for science fiction and fantasy:

  • Strange Horizons edited by Catherine Krahe, Julia Rios, A. J. Odasso, Vanessa Rose Phin, Maureen Kincaid Speller, and the Strange Horizons staff 
  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies edited by Scott H. Andrews 
  • Daily Science Fiction edited by Michele-Lee Barasso and Jonathan Laden 
  • Sci Phi Journal edited by Jason Rennie

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