Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Emerging voices: Lao American film-maker Timothy Singratsomboune

I had the privilege of interviewing the emerging film-maker Timothy Singratsomboune for Little Laos on the Prairie this month. We discussed his journey as a biracial, bisexual Lao American filmmaker in Ohio. I'm always interested in voices from Ohio because that's where I first was able to begin my journey to understanding the Lao culture myself after a complicated beginning.

He's been deeply engaged with social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement, and he's using his talents to explore his heritage, our community, and who we can become.

I'm proud to see him taking a bold step forward, and I look forward to meeting him in person at the National Lao American Writers Summit this May. His current project is entitled "All the Way Down," and it will be interesting to see it when it comes out. I expect this will be among the first of many more vital films coming from him in the future.

This will be his very first time meeting so many of us in one space, so this will be a very interesting occasion.

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