Thursday, January 09, 2014

2013 Horror Poetry Collections: A snapshot of fear by verse

2013 was an interesting year for horror poetry. 

In addition to my own new book, DEMONSTRA, there were at least 14 other books that were published that plumbed the various depths and shadows of the human and inhuman experience. Here's a quick snapshot of some of the books that have been catching people's attention. But what are some other titles you think should be mentioned on this list?
  • Bruce Boston, Dark Roads: Selected Long Poems 1971-2012
  • Marge Simon and Sandy DeLuca, Dangerous Dreams 
  • Vincenzo Bilof, The Horror Show 
  • G.O. Clark, Scenes along the Zombie Highway 
  • Helen Marshall, The Sex Lives of Monsters 
  • David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Luminous Worlds 
  • Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin, Revenge of the Two-Headed Poetry Monster 
  • Stephanie M. Wytovich, Hysteria 
  • Marge Simon, Rain Graves
  • Charlee Jacob, Linda Addison The Four Elements 
  • Terrie Leigh Relf, Letting Out the Demons and Other Poems 
  • Michael Randolph, Missives in Red 
  • Russ Kick, Death Poems 
  • Teresa Joseph Franklin, Your Worst Nightmare
It becomes interesting to me, because if our list is functionally 14 to 15 books, then one could conceivably pick a book or two a month or even a day. This seems quite manageable compared to the hundreds if not thousands of horror novels churned out a year. But what might we do to reduce barriers for our readers?

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