Monday, January 27, 2014

[Art] My Head II by Anousa Phommeuang

Anousa Phommeuang's "My Head II" which would sell for 1,500 euros. He's a graduate from the Fine Arts School in Vientiane based in Luang Prabang these days. According to his bio, his work has reportedly been "featured in exhibitions in Thailand, Singapore and other countries in SE-Asia," although more specific details than this were not readily available. Of his pieces available online, I consider this one his best. It is rough, but  it's his most imaginative with a competent composition. Like many of the Lao artists in Laos, he is heavily influenced by the cubism, surrealism, and expressionism forms that are still popular among the teachers and students there.

When we see the broader range of his pieces available, we see primarily traditional depictions of Lao women, particularly Lao women minorities especially common to the Fine Arts School in Vientiane. Within that range, several of his pieces are whimsical, others do a fine enough job paying homage to Picasso. But I find only his "My Head" series and "Circle of Life" (below) really step out into the individual and personal expression we would normally applaud in our culture.

"My Head II" in particular captures my attention because of the way it suggests a hierarchy of thoughts and interaction with the community. We see the fantastic and monstrous beast, monks approaching him, the women, and the others near his different sensory organs. It's a fun, imaginative visualization. I only hope one day we might see more pieces like this and that he has the opportunity to present really daring work that surpasses our expectations.

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unknown said...

Thank you for posting this work and information. I love the work of Anousa Phommeuang and look forward to learning more about his life and work. I also enjoy your blog; thank you for the work you do to keep the rest of us informed and enlightened!