Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Full Metal Hanuman" honored by 1st Place in Strange Horizons Readers Poll.

In good news, my poem, "Full Metal Hanuman," with art by Nor Sanavongsay won first place in the Strange Horizons 2013 Reader's Poll.

"Full Metal Hanuman" originally appeared in September, 2013. A big thanks to all of our readers who voted for us! It's an honor, and certainly an exciting thing to wake up to in the morning.  You can find "Full Metal Hanuman" in my new book DEMONSTRA from Innsmouth Free Press.

I would definitely check out all of the poetry they've presented at Strange Horizons over the years. There are some pieces that are going to become classics. Among this year's other winners: "Lost" by Amal El-Mohtar, "Tattertongue" by Jenn Grunigen, "Jael" by Nancy Hightower, "Tataki" by Shweta Narayan and "I Am Learning To Forget" by Dominik Parisien are also poems you should check out.

I'm also going to give a big shout out to Sofia Samatar who's just on fire this week with her 1st Place fiction "Selkie Stories are for Losers" and 1st Place for reviews, and a 4th Place for her interview with Nalo Hopkinson. She'll have to clear off some space on the mantle for her new Crawford Award for Best Fantasy Debut, the novel A Stranger in Olondria. Seriously, read her book.

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