Sunday, January 12, 2014

Deadline Approaches for 2014 Stoker Award Recommendations

Important notice to Dues Paying members of the HWA. Member Recs for the Bram Stoker Awards (R) close at midnight US PST 15 January. Any member of any level may Recommend works published in 2013. Which horror novels, shorter fiction, anthologies, fiction collections, poetry collections, graphic novels, YA novels, non fiction books and screenplays have stayed with you? Surely they're deserving of a Rec? There is a common misconception that you must think a work worthy of winning the Award to Rec it. Not so, you must simply believe it's good enough to make the short list (which is what you are Reccing for). So, simply go to the Members Only area, login and hit the 'Stoker recommendations' Link in the left hand menu.

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