Friday, February 10, 2012

In your textbooks

Over the years I've found myself being cited in a number of papers, dissertations and textbooks but only a few copies ever seem to get sent to me. Just the same, here are some of the ones more widely available to the public:

Emerging Voices: Experiences of Underrepresented Asian Americans by Huping Ling, 2008

Culture and Customs of Laos (Culture and Customs of Asia) by Arne Kislenko, 2009

Culture and Customs of the Hmong (Culture and Customs of Asia) by Gary Yia Lee and Nicholas Tapp, 2010

Journal of Asian American studies, Volumes 11-12, Association for Asian American Studies, August 13, 2010
"So There It Is": An Exploration of Cultural Hybridity in Contemporary Asian American Poetry (Cross/Cultures) by Brigitte Wallinger-Schorn (Nov 30, 2011)

Multicultural America: An Encyclopedia of the Newest Americans by Ronald H. Bayor, July, 2011

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