Friday, February 17, 2012

[Poem] Anger

Coiling within, this? Not the face I would show you.
The roar beneath wires, the roar hushed by white noise
Blanketing the land.

Shadows, night's exiles: "Go fugitive in the streets."

Skylines punctuate sentences of geography with
Incessant luminescence.
Our world is aglow. There is no time
When all of the citizens of our city
Are asleep at once anymore.
I learned to despise without passion.
I rear up, a dragon.
I open my jaw, a tiger defending the last hour men drink.

I cleave open the heart of my lovers that I may rest in them,
Nestled against the storm.
My dispositions:
Codified response, taking flight through banks
Of predictable information for the sake of cool conformity,
Instead of soaring

Across landscapes wired solely by
Rivers and the silence.  

From BARROW, 2009 

On February 17th, 1933, the Blaine Act ended Prohibition.

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