Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Poem] Insomniacafe

If God with his hundred sacred names
must caper about
like a young child full of infinity
hiding among a blade of field grass,
grey cathedral cornerstones
or the wizened hands of a stranger in Calcutta
overcome with kindness
in a cosmic game
of peek-a-boo,
how can he hold a grudge
against those honest enough to say
"I don't know if I've really seen him lately?"

Lording over a cup of cappuccino
like an Italian monk on watch at midnight,
I wonder briefly if the faithful will have to sit
in a corner of paradise for a while
for perjury.

With another sip,
eyes wide as Daruma
or some crazed cartoon cat,
I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep this way...

From BARROW, 2009

February 23rd is generally considered the first publication date of the Gutenberg Bible. 

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