Monday, February 13, 2012

Innsmouth Magazine #9 now available

The ninth issue of the Innsmouth Magazine is online:

Six stories are featured this issue: “The Grey Cairns”, which is set in a shadowy, 19th-century Scotland. “The Wouri Horror” functions almost as its complete opposite, taking place in near-future Africa with a dash of sci-fi. “Five Houses on the Shore” also takes place in Africa, though it’s a very different Africa from the one envisioned by “Wouri”. “The Divers” moves the action to Singapore, where pearl divers discover the secrets hiding beneath the waves. “Full Moon” uses an abandoned observatory near Slovakia as a creepy backdrop for some even-creepier happenings. Finally, “A Man of Letters” provides us with the ultimate fiction review.

So, all in all, a great range of short stories. I think they could use some more poetry for their pages, but all in good time. Be sure to check out the issue!

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