Sunday, October 09, 2011

Laos News Week In Review

It's time for the weekly installment of Laos News Week In Review.

The Diplomat.Com posted an interesting article regarding the wikileaks files on Laos. There's not that much there that those familiar with Laos don't already expect to be a part of the assessment. But WikiLeaks on Laos does make for an interesting read.


The Malaysian newspaper Bernama reports on the Indochina Passion Festival sponsored by the three French Embassies in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Because everyone wants to attract the attention and interest of the French again, no? 

We were recently talking about Lao-Lao Coffee and the Bangkok Post recently featured an article on 'Silken White Lightning from Laos'. Ban Meuang Mo Tay is a village the author is sent to learn the traditional way to make it. It's a very informative article worth keeping in mind in the future for a number of reasons.

The Shan Herald discussed a drug bust of the Golden Triangle Godfather's suspected partner that seemed to coincide with a drug bust in the Kings Roman Casino in Laos that netted $1.7 million and 20 sacks of drugs.

Xinhua reports a recent meeting to discuss food security in Laos.  35 participants representing the Lao government, non-governmental agencies, key United Nations agencies and the European Union, and featured technical presentations, large forum discussions and group work, discussing three key issues: analytical framework, information needs and sampling.

The 2nd Luang Prabang Film Festival lineup was featured in an article by the Hollywood Reporter. The schedule includes 3 films from Laos: At the Horizon, Lao Wedding, and On Safer Ground.

The Washington Post reported on the death of Roger S. Duter, a naval officer who flew over 200 bombing missions over North Vietnam and Laos during the war. His military decorations included the Meritorious Service Medal and the Air Medal.

The Nation reported two men were jailed for sex-trafficking Lao women: A Nong Khai procurer convicted of trafficking Laotian women and girls into prostitution was yesterday sentenced to 21 years in prison, while another from Udon Thani was sentenced to nine years.

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