Wednesday, October 19, 2011

National Federation of Poetry Societies

Among national resources you may want to connect with as a poet is The National Federation of Poetry Societies, which is a non-profit organization, focused exclusively on educational and literary topics.

Their purpose is to recognize the importance of poetry with respect to national cultural heritage. They are dedicated solely to the furtherance of poetry on the national level and serves to unite poets in the bonds of fellowship and understanding.

The NFSPS sponsors fifty annual poetry contests with cash prizes totaling over $6,000, including a grand prize of $1,500. They also sponsor a contest for a collection of poems by one poet, with a cash prize of $1,000. The NFSPS conducts poetry contests in the spring of each year. These contests have a March 15, 2012 deadline coming up. Many are open only to members of the NFSPS, but there are also some open to non-members.

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