Thursday, October 20, 2011

Books That Weren't: A Lao American in Khun Borom's Court

Continuing our series of Books that Weren't as practice for National Novel Writing Month, we answer the unasked question: What if Mark Twain had been a 21st century Lao American writer?

This is a tale of laid-back Charlie Anouvong, a care-free 21st century resident of Connecticut, who loved to read books about covert operations and the Yankees. One day he falls asleep under a secluded tree after a festive Lao New Year celebration. He awakens to find himself transported back in time to ancient kingdom of the Tai which would one day become Lan Xang

After many escapades and misadventures, Anouvong is finally ridiculed at the legendary Khun Borom's court and sentenced to be beheaded. Anouvong fights back with his modern ingenuity and sensibilities, making considerable progress to modernizing the kingdom until he runs up against a larger force that ushers in far more dramatic developments for everyone... 

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