Monday, October 10, 2011

Update: Lao American Adoptees

A big thanks to everyone who's been so supportive and helpful in our efforts to find other Lao American adoptees across the US. In the space of a few days we've already located and made contact with an additional four others.

From the initial stories I've heard so far, most of us were adopted between 1971 to 1975, with a few exceptions in the 1980s in the US. Most of those I've found went on to careers in medical fields such as nursing or else spent some time in the military or in the non-profit sector. Only a few of us were able to successfully find our birth parents.

I'm pretty certain there are a few adopted before 1971 but I can't confirm that just quite yet. Some people who contacted me suggested there are over 40 of us who've been adopted by Americans. I personally think the number might be lower, but it will be interesting to see over time.

One of these days, we might all have to go back to Laos or at least have a convening here in the U.S. But thanks again to everyone who's been helping in the search!

So, as always: If you know a Laotian American adoptee, please drop me a line at

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